Class Descriptions

All Levels

This class is suitable for any level of practice. Students are always reminded to work at their own pace and abilities. This class is rooted in Hatha Yoga and focuses on a well rounded physical workout to develop a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. These classes always incorporate inspirational thoughts, deep relaxation and healing meditation practices from the Yoga Tradition.


This class is appropriate for those who are newer to the practice of yoga, those who have some physical conditions that may require modifications, or those looking for a more relaxing and restorative class. This class will offer gentle movement as well as some exploration of yogic breathing, philosophy, and meditation as time and class needs permit.


Aerial Yoga uses a fabric as a prop in order to expand your Yoga experience! Through Aerial Yoga we will combine playfulness, alignment, yoga and breath to create a unique practice. The focus will be on learning to work with the fabric to support your asana's (poses). Sink deeper into your Yoga practice, find effortless inversions, and allow yourself to surrender to the aerial hammock and its benifits! For all skill levels.


Pilates is a great nonimpact exercise routine which develops core strength, increases flexibility, mental focus, improves balance and inner awareness.